Sunday, January 20, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect | 1/19/13

Today was perfectly imperfect. My day really started at 1pm because that's when I got home from my cousins' house. When I got home, I had a headache from staying up late. After a while, it finally disappeared. On Friday, I got some pictures from Shutterfly, so I decided I should organize those and put them away in my photo box. Let me just say, whenever I look at old pictures, I am instantly happy. I remember the sites and smells of that day and the memory resonates inside of me. My dad told me I had to grab my laundry and then do the dishes when I got home, so I thought to myself, "might as well do them sooner than later!" So I did the dishes and while I did the dishes I made myself some macaroni and cheese. I was so happy to get things done!
bundling up because of the negative degree weather
sorry it's sideways.
 When finishing my lunch, I started the long process of doing my homework. I started reading my Civics homework, and working on my Driver's Education scrapbook. I did this for a long time (with quite a few breaks..) and eventually the house was almost empty other than my older brother. I love the sweet sound of a silent house. (:

I continued to work on my homework until my parents and my younger brother came home from a basketball game. My brother Zach then made dinner for us. I had a good 'ole salad. After dinner and four hours later, I asked my dad to take me to Caribou {the second time I asked him that day}. He said no... again. But that's okay though, because my mom took me!

 So we went to Caribou, and there was like no one there. The staff on duty was really nice and because it was 0 degrees out, it felt nice to have some hot, hot chocolate.
 After Caribou, my mom needed to run some errands to Target, so off we went. At Target, we picked up some food for meals this week, and got some clothes for my brother. I ended up getting some new pajamas that are so, so warm and comfortable. I also enjoyed taking pictures of random Target objects.
 In Target, I was wearing brown sweatpants and black boots, but it was so late, no one cared. :P
 When my mom and I were about to check out, I just had the sudden urge to take a picture here. I love the composition and the busy-ness of the photo. I think this picture really symbolizes a lot about America with the magazines, "express" lanes because people are too impatient to wait, pop and junk food, and the high technology that places these days have.

One other thing that I got from Target was an eos lipbalm. It seems like everyone at school has them, so I thought I'd give one a try. They make your lips feel so smooth for a long time. It works wonders, let me tell ya! 
The whole day I was sick, so I had cough drops and made my own hot beverage to make my throat feel better. 

Although my throat {and ear} really hurt, today was a perfectly imperfect day. 

P.S. All of these pictures are taken with my phone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about your perfectly imperfect day, Madie!