Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friendship Photoshoot

Over Christmas break, I had the wonderful opportunity to take some pictures of five girls from my school (three of which go to my church as well). This wonderful session just had to in the back of our church! Out of the five girls, I've played on the same volleyball team with four of them. This was/is the first of my winter sessions {I have more coming!}. I wasn't 100% prepared for this session, but I was ready enough as I could be. I arrived just a few minutes earlier than they did. We had a few inches of snow the night/day before, so there were snow plows in the parking lot, and wonderfully snow-covered trees. It also happened to be snowing at just the right speed, not too slow that snowflakes can't be seen, but not too fast where you can't see the girls' faces clearly. It was definitely a God thing. Once we all were ready, we headed to the back with our already-cold bodies, and ugg boots. There our adventure started. At first I got just some basic pictures, but then we enjoyed being a little creative. Enjoy!

You have no idea how many laughing pictures I got. I'm still smiling when I see them.



That building in the background? Yah, that's my church. :)

I brought these white bows that made this shot really fun.

I had SO much fun with these girls and I'm excited for another "friendship" session this weekend!

Which picture is your favorite?

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  1. TOO FUN!! I love 'em! Oh and I totally have those sparkle Uggs. :)

    Great job, Madie! :)