Thursday, October 25, 2012

End of School Party 2012

 Last July, the 7th and 8th graders at my little, private school all got together to say out last goodbyes before we all spit and go to high school {at least for the 8th graders}.
 This night consisted of football, sardines, and ghost in the graveyard. And of course, food.

One of the things we did was burn some of our old school papers and workbooks. This was one of the first outings I had with my 50mm, so I was still getting used to it. Overall, I really enjoyed being able to spend some time with my friends and just hang out.


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  1. I went to an end of 8th grade party and we burned homework, too! But, I didn't burn any of my stuff cuz my mom saves it for my younger siblings and I already threw what I didn't need. (I'm homeschooled, just so everyone knows :P)

    My favorite picture is the last one :) It's so cool!