Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photo Dump

Well, last week was quite a busy one... with over 5 tests, two concerts, and days with volleyball practice, I was not able to have a nice quiet time to work on a post. I did take a lot of pictures though! Here are some random ones.

 Me before my concert... no makeup, no fancy hair. I showed this to my friend and she thought I looked even prettier this way.

 Last week consisted of cleaning around the fire place so we could make a fire! Yah! A fire is amazing on a cold Minnesota day, even though there is currently no snow on the ground.
 My Christmas tree bokeh. A lot of people are posting their Christmas tree bokeh. This is still just our little tree upstairs. Our actual tree that we decorate and put up is downstairs.
 Last week I got the focus fixed on my camera! Yah! And yes, it was broken because I messed with the settings again {yes...again} and turned the focus to automatically always we on manual. Woah, oxymoron going on there!
 Me singing during our concert. I let my mom use my camera. I put everything on the right setting and gave her a cheat sheet on how to put the lens on and what not. She said if I didn't make that cheat sheet for her, she wouldn't even know how to put the lens on. Haha! I love you, Mom! Anyways, 1/2 photo credit to my mom.
A {horrible} picture of me and my brother after the concert. I look really weird, but oh well, it's a picture.

P.S. The songs that we sang at our concert were Silent Night, Let's have a Christmas Celebration, and Halleluiah Chorus. For Halleluiah Chorus, we got a standing ovation. It was awesome. For our dress rehearsal we did... let's just say, not so great. So it was amazing that we did really well for our concert on Thursday night.


  1. Love the fisrt picture of you!
    Sooo pretty!

  2. Haha, I always have to help my mom use my camera, too. It's not really that hard on auto mode... but it's pretty big and intimidating, I guess.
    I love your nails! :)