Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My LONG weekend!

First I want to say Happy (late) Easter! It is really a miracle that the Lord rose from the dead. :-) I went to my grandparents' house on a lake and I took a TON of pictures! Here are a couple. Maybe not...

 Muff Jr.
 Butterscotch and Muff Jr.
 Colored eggs!

 I LOVE taking pictures of birds!

 My cousin Eva
 My cousin Connor
 My cousin Jackson
My cousin Connor

 This is Jackson's birthday cake, a dachshund. (more about that later)
 My brother Luke
 And more Luke
 Really pretty purple flowers!

 Storage shed
 Wood pile

 (I'm standing on a bridge)
I took this when I was on a four wheeler ride... you'll read more about that later.

 Mossy tree

This one isn't in the best mode.
 Even more birds
 My Easter outfit
 My cousin Brooke
Brooke on the swing
I think this one is SO cute!
Black and white
Haha! Have you noticed how old the swing is? My mom used it when she was younger.

Brooke wanted to throw rocks in the lake.
Here we go!

I like the color on this one
I can't get enough of this girl! She's so cute!
She one of my three, girl blood related cousins.
She wanted to go on the swing again... these are all in order in time.
She turned 4 on April 22nd.
I helped make this beautiful cake with my cousin Eva and my aunt.
"No way! There's fire in front of me!"
My aunt made this one too. They're little dachshunds.
Blow those candles out!
I LOVE this thing!
Thank you Zach (my brother) for taking me on this twice over the weekend!
Sadly, I got Zach and I wet and dirty because I went over a mud puddle.
By the way, it's a four wheeler.
How many cars were at your Easter celebration?
My brother got this hat for Easter, and I tried it on... I look ridiculous!

I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures! I really hope all of you get a chance to follow me on my blog. Oh, and I edited almost all of these on picnik.com. Come back tomorrow to see my Bible verse! Thanks! God Bless!


  1. Super cute pics, love the birthapday cakes! :) your cousins are adorable too! I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU, your hair is so pretty! :)))

  2. Thanks! Thank you for commenting on my hair. I love my hair curled.

  3. I love the little dogs! :)


    P.S. So glad your blog is up now!!!!

  4. Thank you! You should follow me!